Stockhammer_coverPaul Horowitz is a prominent defense attorney possessing a special gift called “The Power,” allowing him to exert influence over judges, juries and witnesses. He befriends an elderly woman named Mrs. Stockhammer, who performed astonishing heroics saving thousands of Jews during the Holocaust. Now he might have to use “The Power” to exonerate her from vicious accusations. This story takes Horowitz deep into past events of war-torn Europe, getting him involved with Nazi-hunters, the Israeli Mossad, and the FBI in an attempt to determine the absolute truth. Kushel weaves an extraordinary story set against the sweeping backdrop of the Holocaust filled with intrigue and lasting repercussions!

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…in due time. “Stockhammer”, by Cash Kushel, is a well researched mystery that looks into the past of an elderly woman, Mrs. Stockhammer. Her deeds and history are slowly uncovered one layer at a time, creating exciting twists and tense moments that will keep your turning the pages. All characters have their flaws and their charms, and Kushel will keep you guessing about whether you should cheer or jeer each artfully crafted player in the story. I highly recommend this excellent book to anyone interested in Holocaust history, or any fan of mystery novels.
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