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Fraternity Hazing – Lineage

The recent death of a Penn State student as part of a fraternity hazing has captured the attention of the country. How many more young men need to lose their lives before university presidents proactively set zero tolerance policies for anyone in Greek Life who perpetuates these dangerous rituals?

In my newest award winning novel, Lineage, (2017 Independent Press Award – Suspense) published February 28, 2017, a boy named Rodney dies in a fraternity initiation ceremony. The brothers’ code of silence causes the details of Rodney’s death to remain hidden despite an inquest.

Five years later a fraternity brother visits Rodney’s grieving father and reveals the sordid details that occurred on that fateful night. The father blames not only the brothers that were present that evening, but all of the previous fraternity brothers who as productive members of society, failed to step forward to change a ceremony that could only lead to tragedy.

Although the father might have addressed this in a more constructive manner, he sets out instead, to kill the fifty-five surviving members of his son’s lineage.

Let’s not have another family destroyed by the death of a young man – all because current fraternity brothers and alumni – are either too timid or indifferent to step up and demand change. I call for graduates of every decade to return to their fraternities to reexamine whether the good clean fun they had experienced in their youth, was exactly that. Let’s not allow antiquated traditions that promote dangerous indiscretions, take the life of another young person.

Cash Kushel

Which One of My Books Is My Favorite?

SenseofDirection_coverPeople ask “which one of my books is my favorite?’ As an author who had written three novels the answer was always easy. I have three sons and I love them equally. Since I also consider my three novels to be my children, the answer is just as clear. Just as my three sons are unique individuals, my three novels have totally different themes. So when it comes to picking among them, it is impossible. I can honestly say I hold each of them close to my heart. Continue reading

Cash’s View of Symmetry

shrubIn many ways I have lived my life with symmetry all around me. Being an accounting professor, I told my students in my basic accounting course, that balance sheets must always balance and that a firm’s Assets must always equal Liabilities plus Equity. Continue reading

The Dilemma of Giving Away Free Books

SenseofDirection_coverWith the birth of a child, the proud father often hands out cigars to commemorate the occasion. When an author’s new book is launched there are similar rites of passage. With my fourth book “Sense of Direction” debuting this month, I am struggling with the pressures of giving out free copies of my newest baby. Continue reading

Tax Considerations of Winning the Lottery

Lotto Trouble coverImagine you win a large lottery jackpot. Untold and unexpected millions will cascade down upon you. You show up at a news conference and a reporter asks the question, “What are you going to do with your winnings?” Continue reading

Can You Trust Your Lottery Agent? Life Imitates Art!

Lotto Trouble cover

With many large lottery jackpots in the news lately, have you given thought to your own personal safety once you purchase a ticket? Can you trust your lottery agent?

My first novel Lotto Trouble (published in 2003 and pictured above) was about a clerk working in a New Jersey gas station who sold a $20 Million winning lottery ticket. A strange set of circumstances allowed the lottery agent to find and hunt down the customer who had purchased it. Many people’s lives are impacted and some even die as a result of the lottery agent’s greed. Continue reading

Is the Presidential Election Cycle Too Long?


It seemed that the 2008 presidential election cycle went on forever. By the time Barack Obama recorded an historic election night victory we had viewed him on the nightly news, non-stop for years. Although the Clinton/Obama primary battle had been newsworthy it lasted forever. Continue reading

Must Students Purchase Professor’s Textbooks?

The Choosers coverWhat are the ethical considerations if a student is forced to purchase professor’s textbooks? Should a professor assign his own textbook and make it required reading? Should a student who is already paying tuition – line a professor’s pockets with additional royalty income?  Continue reading

Bring a Book by Cash Kushel – Not Wine

wine glassSenseofDirection_coverPicture this: You are curled up in front of a fireplace with a glass of wine and a great  book. If you could only take one to a desert island, go with the book – not the vino. So when you bring a gift to someone’s home bring a book! Continue reading

Tribute to Vince Flynn – A Writer’s Immortality

vinceAs a professor I’ve always believed the job contained an aura of immortality.

An educator touches the lives of their students and influences them in many ways. In my 33 years of teaching at two universities I’ve encountered many a student. Coupled with those I’ve interacted with in corporate training programs, I estimate the number exceeds 60,000. I did not experience a profound connection with all of them, but there are always a few in every class with whom a special bond is created. It has always been my contention that a professor can live on within their students. It affords them an aura of immortality. Continue reading