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Here’s your opportunity to read an excerpt from each of Cash’s current books. By tasting a sample you might just develop the appetite to gobble up one of these books. You can download them instantly on your e-reader, or order one to hold in your hand.


SenseofDirection_coverSense of Direction: Read an Excerpt: PROFESSOR STEVEN KAYE was halfway through his power walk around the two-mile circle inside the lavish Wallington Country Club community. The Florida sun brought beads of sweat to his face. The iPhone in his right pocket began to vibrate. Without breaking stride, he noticed a call from his son Ross. Continue reading… Sense of Direction Excerpt

Lotto Trouble coverLotto TroubleRead an Excerpt: Pankaj was frustrated. He hated his job as a mini-market clerk at Castaways Gas Station. Working on Route 9 in Sayreville, New Jersey, was not his life-long ambition. Pankaj knew he would do a lot better than this. This was temporary. Like other Indian immigrants he knew, he was glad to be in America, but hitting lottery buttons and selling Ring Dings was beneath him. Continue reading… Lotto Trouble Excerpt

The Choosers coverThe Choosers: Read an Excerpt:The man in the toga glanced at his colleague in the tweed sport jacket. He closed his weary eyes. His words were labored. His once vibrant voice was almost a whisper. “We have no choice. We looked at every possible scenario. It pains me to say it, but he must die. We must end his life this very afternoon.” Continue reading… The Choosers Excerpt

Stockhammer_coverStockhammerRead an Excerpt: Advice is free, except when you fail to heed the wise guidance of others. I admit I ignored the sage counsel contained within that simple pearl of wisdom. There was one particular piece of advice I heard on three separate occasions. One would think I would have allowed it to seep into my subconscious like a fine wine ebbing its way into the cranial fissures of my brain. It wasn’t that I refused to listen; sometimes I just can’t stop being involved. Continue reading… Stockhammer Excerpt

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