About Cash Kushel

Author Cash Kushel was born in the Bronx, New York and was raised in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. His birth certificate reads Paul Kushel. He received an undergraduate degree from the Stern School of Business ( NYU ) where he was also awarded an MBA. After working at Arthur Andersen in New York City and becoming a CPA, he ventured off to Austin, where he attended the University of Texas earning a PhD.

Returning to New York he joined the faculty at NYU -Stern for eight years and won various teaching awards. In 1988 he traveled three miles north to Fordham University and has served on the faculty there for twenty-five years at the Graduate School of Business. He has been an award-winning professor at that institution as well.

He is well known in banking circles internationally as Cash Kushel, and has been using that moniker for three decades. Cash Kushel is his designated pen name, and he proudly inscribes that signature whenever he autographs the four novels he has written.

For more details on how Cash got his name – check out the blog-post that addresses that subject.

Cash is married to his wife Ellen and has three grown sons. He lives in Boca Raton, Florida.

Cash’s comment on his career as a professor:

“What can be more satisfying than teaching and interacting with bright highly motivated young people? My objective is for my students to learn the skill sets they will need to succeed in their chosen professions, while developing critical thought processes. Being able to impart knowledge in combination with humor is the key to being an effective educator. When I teach my students I try to have as much fun as I can despite my subject matter (accounting and taxation). I hope that by wearing my enthusiasm on my sleeve it will rub off on my students. Enthusiasm is contagious. Because I enjoy being in the classroom, so do they.”

Cash’s take on his career as a novelist:

“A day does not go by when I cannot wait to open my laptop and write another chapter, a page, or even a paragraph of my latest novel. It is so cool to create characters who exist only in my imagination but like magic now live on the written page. I want to share all of them with my readers.