Which One of My Books Is My Favorite?

SenseofDirection_coverPeople ask “which one of my books is my favorite?’ As an author who had written three novels the answer was always easy. I have three sons and I love them equally. Since I also consider my three novels to be my children, the answer is just as clear. Just as my three sons are unique individuals, my three novels have totally different themes. So when it comes to picking among them, it is impossible. I can honestly say I hold each of them close to my heart.

If I didn’t love each of my books I would not have spent years carefully honing each word, hoping my books would be embraced by readers everywhere.

Now that my new novel Sense of Direction debuted last week, I have a fourth book to choose from. Is it possible my newest book is my favorite?  From a marketing perspective I am spending most of time touting and promoting my newest creation. The other three have taken a backseat. From this can we conclude that this newborn has taken on the title of “My Favorite.”

One answer an author might give to the question posed earlier, is to say: “My favorite book is the one that I am currently working on. “That makes my fifth book a viable candidate. Although it has been finished for close to a year it has yet to be released into the world. I think of it as still being in the womb. The period of gestation continues as I agonize (in a good way) over every word. Just this week I sat down to edit it for the umpteenth time aiming for the impossible – perfection.

Maybe my sixth novel is my favorite. It is a book still in its infancy. I am only on page 23. As this new creation is in its formative stage, I have a long way to go before I finish. It is an empty canvas of sorts possessing unlimited potential. For that reason, one could make the argument that this newest creation should be in the running.

As I think about each of my  books my many characters begin to overwhelm me. I have created them out of my imagination and I love them all, To the author they are very real and I hope they register in the same way with my readers. How can I choose one over another? It is almost getting personal. Would I want to hurt my characters’ feelings? How can I possibly pick favorites? They are like family. So I won’t.

Rather than ask me which of my novels is my favorite, I should turn the question back over to you. As a reader you can judge which of my book you like best. Many have loved “Lotto Trouble” a book about a stolen lottery ticket. It will always have a special place in my heart as it was my first novel. Then there was “The Choosers” a book about heaven and attempts to change the world’s future. A much more cerebral book it appeals to the reader who is willing to explore a complex topic. People have told me that they found the book fascinating. My third book “Stockhammer” is about a lawyer in New Jersey who befriends an elderly woman. The book has a holocaust theme and blurs the distinction between good and evil. Readers have to struggle with many moral dilemmas. And my newest book “Sense of Direction,” is a taut campaign thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Three separate factions are trying to kill a presidential candidate as he campaigns in South Florida. It might be my best book yet.

If you read my books I believe you will love them all. You might have as much of a problem as I do in picking a favorite.



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