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Cash Kushel encourages you to review his books in many different ways. Readers are turning to Amazon, Goodreads, Blogs, and other vehicles to voice their opinions. We love to get those Five Star Reviews. Four stars can also illuminate our virtues. So If you like what we’re doing we would love to hear from you. Make your voice heard! Write a review! Let the world know you enjoyed one of my books. Your help is greatly appreciated.


Link to Book Review of: “Sense of Direction”  written by Nils A. Shapiro in the October issue of Boca Exposure.


Check out these Five Star Reviews on Amazon for Sense of Direction – What Readers Are Saying:

5.0 out of 5 stars  Cash Kushel’s Sense of Direction, December 12, 2013   By stu I recommend Sense of Direction. It combines presidential politics, international crime syndicates and the sometimes too cozy relationship of business & government….Add in some hot scenes with some hot characters and you have a page turner. As the characters developed I became immersed…hated for it to end.

5.0 out of 5 stars ITZA THRILLER!, November 11, 2013 By  RANDY ALAN WEISS (Potomac, MD, US) – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED especially for anyone who is bit by “Potomac fever” or who loves politics, campaigns, sex, violence and unexpected twists and turns. You won’t wanna put this one down.

5.0 out of 5 stars Masterpiece, November 8, 2013  By: CAK –  Cash Kushel is becoming one of my favorite authors. His books are wonderful and capture my attention from the start of the book until the very last page. This book is a true masterpiece, a captivating thriller that once you begin you can’t put down.

5.0 out of 5 stars of the Year, October 10, 2013  By R. S.reiss (boca raton, florida United States) – My favorite authors of page turning thrillers, James Patterson, Tom Clancy,John Grisham,Vince Flynn,David Baldacci and Michael Connelly, Please welcome Cash Kushel and his new book Sense of Direction to your elite club. Cash gets my vote for Rookie of the Year. I couldn’t put Cash’s thriller down until I finished it. Anyone interested in this Genre of books should give Sense of Direction a try.

5.0 out of 5 stars moving, page-turner, October 13, 2013
By  DG –  Enjoyed this fast moving, page-turner. In the early chapters there was a lot to absorb – so many different characters in the various strands that make up the story-lines. But these do soon develop their own traction and the blurry lines get sharp definition.


What other writers are saying about Sense of Direction (July 2013)

“Cash Kushel is a prolific writer with a taut style and a true eye for story. Take the journey, readers – you won’t be disappointed!”

—PAULA GOLDBERG, screenwriter of The Perfect Family and Out at the Wedding

“Cash Kushel’s “A Sense of Direction” is a smoking hot novel, guaranteed to keep readers up till midnight with well-drawn characters and a tight, relentless plot.”
—Stephen March, author of Hatteras Moon

“…Very realistic in our world today. Great plot.”
—Stephen Cork, author of Sir I Can Explain


Love these Five Star Reviews on Lotto Trouble. What our readers are saying: 

UNBELIEVABLE! May 22, 2003: By A Customer (
After a friend recommended this book to me, I was very skeptical about reading it. An unheard author, unheard book. But after reading it I do not remember the last time I enjoyed a book as much as I enjoyed this one! The characters were just amazing! Each and everyone one of them had such subsistence to them that it felt like I knew each and every one of them. By the time I was halfway through this book (which unfortunately for me happened to be on a business trip in San Francisco), I could not put it down. I was kept up late at night in San Francisco reading about the exploits of these classic characters. It is no wonder that there aren’t as many great books such as this one out on the market today. It must be because the unheard of authors are writing such masterpieces, while the famous ones keep producing borderline garbage. If you have the chance, read this book. It’ll be worth your time, and will definitely entertain you for a few days. Just make sure you clear your schedule!

Loved this page turner, By R. S.reiss (boca raton, florida) February 17, 2007
A great first book. Held my interest all the way. Couldn’t wait to see what happened next. Highly recommend it. Will be looking for Mr. Kushel’s next book.

Great novel, a must read! By M. Buccini (NYC)    April 15, 2005                              Kushel’s first novel, Lotto Trouble, is definitely worth a read. It is exciting, action packed, and has a slew of memorable and great characters! Definitely buy this book! Some people are loath to give a chance to an unknown author but give this book a chance, and i promise it will be one gamble that will definitely pay off!

Terrific Read!!, June 1, 2003   By: Ilene48 (Boston, MA USA)

Lotto Trouble was a terrific read, fast-paced and exciting, all about the chain of events triggered by a winning lottery ticket. There are many colorful characters and multiple plots lines woven throughout the story that all come together at the end.
It was a true “page turner” in every sense of the word and kept me up late into the night to see how it all would turn out. I recommend it highly if you are looking for a fresh face with a great story.

dw franklin lakes nj, May 13, 2010
Excellent story an easy and enjoyable read could not put this book down character
development and plot twists are first rate anxious to read other novels by this highly
engaging author.
Lotto Trouble, April 19, 2011   By:  Mitchel Shapiro (Baltimore, MD)

I met Cash in a golf tournament and when he told me he wrote a book, I had to try it. It kept my interest the entire time, the characters were well developed and unusual. Definitely worth reading.

Five Star Review for Stockhammer – More Great Reaction
Stockhammer Reveals All…., April 15, 2010 By Iggy Schumacher (New York, NY) 

…in due time. “Stockhammer”, by Cash Kushel, is a well researched mystery that looks into the past of an elderly woman, Mrs. Stockhammer. Her deeds and history are slowly uncovered one layer at a time, creating exciting twists and tense moments that will keep your turning the pages. All characters have their flaws and their charms, and Kushel will keep you guessing about whether you should cheer or jeer each artfully crafted player in the story. I highly recommend this excellent book to anyone interested in Holocaust history, or any fan of mystery novels.



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    Sense of Direction is a favorite. It has up-to-date themes throughout its well-presented thriller! Great reading for all.


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